One of my favorite scenes from WarGames is after Joshua guesses the launch code and then decides “the winning move is not to play”. I decided to make a fun Go program that guesses the launch code and then interacts with the user as Falken does in the movie. You can find it here. I think the way it simulates guessing the launch code is actually really great as it’s very similar looking to the movie.


Work Experience Pigmice Robotics Team - Full-stack Web Developer (Aug 2017 - Current) Programmed a 120lb 6-wheel tank drive robot in Python/Java each year Built Peregrine, a PWA (Go, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Preact) with a small team and limited resources/budget Billups - Backend Services Intern (July 2018 - Current) Designed and built new Go services Worked on bug fixes, tech debt, and new features for existing Go and Python services Skills Backend Web Development - Go, Java, Node Databases - MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL Frontend Web Development - Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue.

BSides PDX Update

BSides PDX was a blast, as expected. My team (@sectribe) ended up ranked 3 out of 26 on the scoreboard. I was the first person to solve the web-100 and web-200 challenge, and the third to solve the web-300. The web-300 was some pretty standard SQL injection, the web-200 was a padding oracle attack on an encrypted cookie, and the web-100 was URL knocking. Out of all of them, the web-100 frustrated me the most.

BSides PDX

I’ll be at BSidesPDX this weekend, for my second year. I’m going to be participating on the sectribe capture-the-flag team with @swordofomen, and some other infosec peeps. I’m gonna focus on web exploits, reverse engineering, and possibly take a crack at the OSINT section. I’m also looking forward to the Hardware Implant Panel talk, given by Kim Zetter, Joe Grand, Joe FitzPatrick, @__MG__, @r00tkillah, Mickey Shkatov and Jason Meltzer.


Peregrine is a scouting app I developed 2018-2019 with Caleb Eby and Brendan Burkhart. Brendan and Caleb kicked off the project, choosing a stack of Go, SQLite, and React. When I joined the team, about a week into development, I jumped straight into the project. I already loved Go, and now there was a chance for me to create something useful with it, with some awesome people! I started working on it the very night I was introduced to it, without a solid grasp on what scouting even was, to be honest.


Hi! I’m Franklin Harding. I’m a 0x10 year old programmer interested in all things Go, Linux, Robotics, and Infosec. I’m an Engineering Intern at Billups, where I mostly work with Backend Services written in Go; a Lead Programmer on The Pigmice (2733), a FIRST Robotics team; and a part-time Junior at Cleveland High School graduating this year. Some of my hobbies are building mechanical keyboards, skiing, collecting records, and messing around with my car.